Int. Condo. day

It's morning and LISA is sitting at the table in pajamas drinking a cup of coffee. MIKE walks in dressed in a suit and tie, he pours himself some cereal and a cup of coffee.


Lisa, aren't you going to work today?


Ugh, I can't stand it there.


Isn't it only your second day?


Oh, Mike it's so...dull there. There's no zest, no excitement.

Mike is in the fridge to get milk which is right next to the ketchup, but pulls out a bottle of ketchup.


You know, you said that about your fries last night too, maybe thats your solution. Add some Heinz to your work and 'zest' it up a little. Maybe a ketchup suit. I still have --

Bob walks in buttoning his shirt.


(cutting off Mike. sarcastically)

Yeah! Let's all wear ketchup suits to make the day fun and exciting and to meet chicks! Come on!

Mike is adding ketchup to his cereal instead of milk.


You're still mad about that? I told you you'd be promoting a burger stand.

Mike is taking a bite of cereal. Look of disgust.


What does the antioxidants not enhance and 'zest' the crunchy fruit flavors?

Bob and Lisa laugh as Mike sets down the bowl and straightens his tie.


Maybe I'll just have that coffee.

Mike walks off screen. Bob picks up the bowl and takes a bite.


What is it too good for you Mike--actually, it is pretty good.

Title card: Heinz ketchup: Add some zest!