About Third Half Productions

Third Half Productions is my, Carl Kloster's, digital media hub. What this means is it is a place for me to post anything I do with digital media. It’s like a website portfolio. There’s quite a bit of content divided into the following areas:

  • Projects: This is where I put video projects, both live action and animated.
  • Comics: Here is the place for the comic “The Third Half” following the adventures of Eon, Elliot, and Takt. It updates every Thursday.
  • Words: A collection of plays/skits/scripts I’ve written. All in PDF format.
  • Extras: Right now Extras contains a “sketchbook” of sorts.
  • Resume: This will contain my resume as soon as I finish it.

If you ever need to contact me, just send and e-mail to: thirdhalf@third-half.com

I’m also a founding member of www.ExileComics.com and friends of the following websites:


Special thanks go to Brandon Whitesell for checking the site for some typo's

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