EXT. Alleyway.

GIZMODO runs onscreen. It switches to slow-motion.

                GIZMODO (voice over)
        There’s two ways outta any situation. One is in a body bag.

Back to normal speed. Gizmodo runs into a corner and a large shadow traps him.

                GIZMODO (voice over)
        I don’t like body bags.

Cut to black.

INT. Gizmodo apartment. Earlier that day.

Gizmodo is sleeping on a couch.

        GIZMODO (voice over)
My head was pounding like cannons on the forth of july. It didn’t help the bottle bottomed out long ago.

ROBINSON enters quickly looking nervous. Gizmodo gets up with a startle at the noise.

        GIZMODO (voiceover)
I knew what he wanted just by the look in his eye. It was a dame. It’s always some lost dame.

Cut to Black

        GIZMODO (voiceover)
And somehow, I always find them already dead and myself with old friend trouble.

EXT. Alleyway corner. Present.

Gizmodo has his back to the wall. GANTLY steps out of the shadows. He has one robotic arm.

        Did you think you’d find her alive Gizmodo?

        GIZMODO (voice over)
His arm shined like a streetlight on a pool of urine. A metallic machination that made my stomach try and escape like a hobo from dry county.

Gantly grabs Gizmodo by the throat with his robotic arm and holds him against the wall. Gizmodo is choking.

                GANTLY (angrily)
        Did you think you’d outsmart me, Gizmodo?

        GIZMODO (voiceover)
Blackness was coming. The kind that creeps up your legs before crawling into your eyes.

        Frankly Gantly,

A gunshot is heard and Gantly drops Gizmodo to the ground before crumpling himself.

        I did.

Robinson steps out the shadows with tears in his eyes. He steps to Gantlys body and fires three more times.